"Thank you for all the great yoga classes you have so openly shared with all of us over the past "special nine months." You have a unique gift to teach yoga and it is very obvious that it starts from within! Your gentleness and grace just flow from you. When I look up from time to time during practice, I see your smile and glow written all over you." - ZC

"What an amazing yoga experience! Each class can be tailored to the needs of the group, and the teachers are fantastic!" - KN

"I wanted to say thank you again so much for your class tonight. It was exactly what I needed- especially the extra savasava love. It is like you sensed where I was and how to make me feel better!! Absolute magic!" - CM

"For awhile now my hips have been sore. Suddenly it occurred to me that these last few days, no more discomfort! I truly think your yoga class helped with that." -GS

"I appreciate the time you take to do the adjustments as needed. Sometimes when I am anxious I don't even realize how tense I am so it helped a lot." - Holly

"I was weary of group yoga classes after suffering for years with a herniated disc and sciatic pain. Going to a group yoga class was something that I was fearful of due to several experiences where I had ended up in more pain afterwards due to improper practice, lack of props and pushy teachers. Over the winter I began to work one-on-one with Shannon at Ocean Yoga. In our first session, we simply talked about my health and my relationship to my body. She listened and did a lot of research before our next meeting. She came to my house weekly, tailoring each private session to my needs. She brought along bolsters, blocks and straps and guided me through my first experiences with yin and restorative. I am immensely grateful to the time I spent with Shannon. I felt safe in her care, inspired by her diligence and stronger than I had in years. Shannon has a genuine curiosity about how yoga can fit into each person's life and after a few months, I joined a group class of hers without fear. I was able to see Shannon her in natural state leading a class - sharing her knowledge of yoga with visible joy. I would recommend Ocean Yoga to anyone who is looking for a yoga teacher who really cares." - KM

"I really enjoyed the class and my knee felt better after the stretching - thank you!" - PT

"I recently attended Ocean Yoga's outdoor class that was at Point Pleasant Park and absolutely loved it! As a beginner to yoga, it was great to see so many different skill levels that were comfortable to show up." - BT

"I really loved the sequencing and the stillness versus movement. There were times were we stayed a long time in poses which I found challenging but strengthening too! I've been feeling really weak lately/achy joints but your class was gentle on my body and also pushed me. I found there was lots of chance to push myself but also options to ease off. I am inspired by you and your teaching style!" Thank you! - RT